Fast Track Program

Our University Express Program is designed to help students complete the admission requirements for North American’s TOP Universities faster. This intensive academic program can be combined 6 months of ESL classes with 8 months of accredited secondary school courses. The Express Program focuses on University preparation for North America’s top universities.

We offer all of the compulsory courses and some additional exciting optional courses. The optional courses include Visual Art, Vocal, Drama and International languages. All of our programs help you prepare for university or college. You can be a part-time or a full-time student depending on your situation. We also have summer and night school programs which allow students to maximize their time. With our help you will be able to achieve the best possible results. Check out our program streams for the program requirements.

-Students can take 2 credit courses. (November – December)

-Choose the University & program you want to go to

-Submit University application through OUAC

-Students can take 4~6 credit courses. (January- April)

-Submit supplementary docs. & IELTS/TOEFL score

-Portfolio interviews for Art programs

-Report mid-term marks to the OUAC (April)

-Report final marks to the OUC (May)

-Students can take 1 credit each month for 2 total credits. (May– August)

-Upgrade final marks for a conditional admission

-University life begins!!!!


OSSLT is based on Ontario curriculum expectations for language and communication, particularly reading and writing, up to and Grade 9.If you fail the test, you are required to take OSSLC (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course). Keep in mind this test is taken during March or April. If you do fail, The Literacy course will be offered in Semester 3.



IELTS is a test that measures your knowledge of the English Language. Most Language scores (IELTS, TOEFL etc..) Are due normally by April 1st. During the course of the year, UIS will be running IELTS courses to help improve your IELTS mark by April 1st.