Full time Program

The high school programme is structured as a full-year study session to provide students with a more thorough understanding of material. The results have been higher scores on final examinations and a better transition to the rigours of university programmes. All courses are taught by subject specialists, and are offered only at the academic, university-stream level. Classes are kept small so students can receive individual tutorial help from their teachers. Students can choose from a wide variety of course selections.

UI High School stays in touch with both its alumni and leading universities to be certain our programme is preparing our students properly. 98% of our students are accepted by universities of their first choice!

The UIS academic year is split into three semesters. We accept students at the beginning of each semester. Our schedule allows students to have a thorough understanding of material and meet all ministry requirements for each course. Our start times have been adjusted to enhance learning for the students. Normal classes start from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Students can take 4 credit courses. (September – December)

Students can take 4 credit courses. (January – April)

Students can take 4 credit courses depending on schedule. (May- August)