Part time Program

UIS offers part-time courses that are available to both secondary school students and mature students. Students currently enrolled in other schools can combine this night or summer program with their daily classes in order to shorten their study time or upgrade their credits. They need to submit a letter of permission from their day school at registration, and their transcript. Our course offering will depend on the demand, but core courses will be offered in all semesters.

Students can take 2 credit courses. (September – January)

Students can take 2 credit courses. (February- June)

Students can take 1 credit each month for 2 total credits. (July– August)

Courses Offered 

UIS offers a wide array of part time courses. From Computers Science to Arts, UIS has qualified instructors to help teach and guide students in various specialized courses. UIS also offers the standard courses like English, Maths and Sciences.


Enhancement Classes 

UIS understands the importance of IELTS for our student body. We will offer the IELTS preparation in-conjunction with our OSSLT preparation course for our daytime class. We will also offer an IELTS class in our part time programme so students from other schools can benefit from taking the IELTS prep course at a time that is convenient for them.

For students who wish to study art and design, we will be offering a portfolio development course where students can prepare their portfolios that they would need to show to be considered into the art program they have applied to.


Private/Tutorial Sessions 

UIS wants all our students to succeed. We offer 1:1 class for an additional cost to students who feel intimidated in a group setting or believe they would benefit more with a customized instruction. All classes in our course catalogue are offered in a 1:1 setting. In some instances, we may feel that 1:1 instruction may be a better way that a student can achieve their academic goals and we might recommend the student take a 1:1 class.