Canadian High School Experience Program (CHEP)

UIS believes that students can benefit by experiencing what Canada & UIS have to offer. International students from Grade 8 to 11 have a chance to experience the Canadian high school system before making a full commitment. For the duration of the program, the student will attend & participate in several classes they are interested in, to be exposed to the Ontario Curriculums. This will be an excellent chance for L to open their horizon and further their academic goals.


Live Learning Experience

For those students who are thinking of attending university in Canada and abroad, but unsure what to expect, UIS gives them the experience and confidence.  During the program, students will participate in real classes. Also, depending on their English levels, students will get a chance to interact with our full-time students via club activities.  Students can make their future decision based on these experiences to widen their view.

Our Teachers

At UIS, there are friendly and caring staff and teachers to support students’ learning. If you need any assistance, approach anyone to get help.  Our teachers are Ontario Certified with many ESL experiences, meaning they know how to approach and better facilitation ESL students’ needs. Also, our Counsellors and academic guidance counselors are there to answer any other unanswered questions.

City Centre

UIS is located at the centre of Toronto. We are near the subway & bus route and walking distance to many attractive tour sites that Toronto has to offer.  Also, the wide diversity in Toronto makes it one of the safest cities in North America.
Study and Experience. Plan your summer now.