ESL Program

UIS offers all levels of the ESL courses, as well as optional programs like IELTS, OLC and ELD. To help our students learn faster and more efficiently, some ESL courses are designed as intensive programs. These intensive programs prepare students, especially the senior grades, for university application preparation and post-secondary academic success.

Morning: ESLAO/BO/CO

Afternoon: English Literacy Development Preparation- for academic reading/writing

1 credit earned

Duration: 10 weeks


1 or 2 academic courses

2 or 3 credits earned

Duration: 10 weeks

1.ESL Intensive Program (English Immersion and Test Preparation)


2.ESL Hybrid Program(English with Other Credit Courses)


3.Regular Stream Program(Complete Remaining Credits to complete OSSD)



Academic Adaptation Program (AAP Program)

Urban International School provides a special Academic Adaptation Program for students who are English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. UIS will recognize these credits while students are in the program.

  • Personalized Plan
    – UIS team will provide a personalized study plan for ESL students.
  • Adapting to Canadian Culture
    – UIS provides diverse courses including ESL while students are adjusting to the Canadian culture and high school system.
  • Interactive
    – UIS teachers and staff members always engage with ESL students and make their school life exciting


ESL Schedule