Full time Program

Students enroll as full time UIS students for many unique reasons. Many of our students enrol to achieve Ontario Secondary School Diploma in a timely manner.  Others enrol to expedite their acceptance to highly ranked Canadian universities and sought-after college programs.

UIS staff take enrollments continuously through the year.We offer 5 semesters a year. Each semester is 10 weeks long. Therefore, students enjoy the flexibility of enrolment throughout the school year to meet their available time frame. Students can take up-to 4 courses depending on their academic ability, which can shorten the duration of their high school.

Upon enrollment, each student is assessed for their academic standard and receives a personalized study plan to meets their academic goal.  UIS counselling and academic teams work closely together to carefully assess students’ need. Each study plan designed specifically for each student. Study plans are monitored and revised as needed by our councillors, teachers and academic teams. Students also have an option to enroll in Program specific tracks


  • In-person Learning: In Person Students come to our campus each day for in person classroom discussion. Our teachers deliver curriculum from The Ontario Ministry of Education through fun and informative lesson plans


  • Hybrid Learning: Our Hybrid students choose to stay at home. They live stream classroom instruction in real time. Teachers provide innovative interactive content to our hybrid students. Student life is enhanced, and friendships are formed through in class discussion, posts, and individual conferences.


  •   UHUB (online) Learning: Our online learners can access recorded lessons at a time that is convenient to them. Teachers monitor student participation and activity through messaging and classroom group posts. Interactive components keep it fun and entertaining!


Take up-to 4 courses

Nov – Jan

Take up-to 4 courses

Jan – Apri

Take up-to 4 courses

April – June

Take up-to 4 courses

Jul- Aug

1 course per month