For safe returning to school, UIS has put health and safety of our community our priority to prepare our school for the 2020-2021 school year. Below is all the precautionary measures that needs to be practiced by all members of the community for everyone’s wellbeing. We will continue to update and provide with any news/resources regarding coronavirus as it comes available.

COVID-19 Readiness Plan

Plan your Travel

It is crucial that all UIS student read and follow all instructions stated below.

This is the current federal and provincial laws and regulations regarding COVID-19 and international students.

Make sure you have meet the following requirements:

  • You are attending a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) with approved COVID-9 readiness plans
  • You are holding a valid study permit, or a letter that shows you are approved for a study permit

Mandatory 14-day Quarantine

It is very important that you understand and sign the acknowledgement form for the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

You will be physically isolated for 14-days period and when the quarantine period is over, you will be required to do the COVID-19 testing at a designated COVID testing centre.

Failure to remain in quarantine for 14 days will result in the following:

  • Up to $750,000 in fines and/or
  • Imprisonment of up to 6 months
  • Being found inadmissible, removed from Canada and banned from entry for one year



As of January 7th, all flights heading to Canada require a proof of negative test result from a lab. This test must’ve been done within 72 hours of boarding and fast-testing like spit test is not accepted. Everyone who enters Canada is still required to complete 14 day quarantine regardless of the test result.

Documents & supplies

You should ensure to hold good supply of face covering and hand sanitizer for on-board the flight and supplies to last for 14-day quarantine.

It is mandatory for all international students to hold a valid student insurance coverage.  Students can purchase the insurance plan through UIS or from other sources before the departure.

Ensure you have the following documents in order:

  • A proof of negative test result
  • valid study permit
  • 14-Day quarantine plan
  • Valid letter of acceptance (for new student)
  • Verification of enrollment (for current student)
  • Students pledge on COVID-19 (found at the back of your airport pickup information package)
  • Flight ticket


Monitor your condition

You should monitor your condition before boarding the flight.

If you show any symptoms or feeling unwell, we recommend you postpone the flight for the safety of yourself and everyone.


The ArriveCAN App

ArriveCAN App must be downloaded and submitted before boarding their flights.

This is a self-assessment app for the student & family, and you must submit your:

  • Travel and contact information
  • Quarantine plan
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessment

Should you develop any symptoms while on the flight, or after landing, notify UIS representative as soon as possible.


On Flight

Remember to social distance in the airport and keep your mask on at all times.

You should keep you mask on during the entire flight.

Keep monitoring your condition and notify the flight attendant if any new symptoms arise.

Upon Arrival

The ArriveCAN App

Ensure you complete and fill out the ArriveCAN App upon arrival. You have up to 48 hours prior to the arrival to complete this information app.

  • At the airport
    • the border service officer will:
      • Ask reason for your travel to Canada (to study and complete high school)
      • Your 14-day quarantine plan (refer to homestay package)
      • Whether you can study online during quarantine (yes, you can)
    • Keep your face covering on at all times.
    • Continue to monitor your condition
  • Airport Pick-up

As informed through Airport Pick-up package, UIS Health and Safety Committee will have a private vehicle arranged to pick up you and any co-arriving family from the airport.  (Please note, this is subject to additional fee.)

The UIS Airport Service representation will meet you at the designated location in the airport.

The UIS representative will assess your condition before boarding the car.  Do note, while travelling there will limit on conversation, as well as no added stops can be made unless there is a medical emergency.


14-Day Quarantine

You and your co-arriving families will remain at the designated residence for 14-days in isolation. The homestay family will accommodate 3 meals a day to the room with disposable utensils. Water will be supplied in disposable bottles in the room.  Your host family will ensure you have all resources and support during the isolation.

It is required that you and the co-arrived family to monitor the conditions during the quarantine and update to UIS Health & Safety Committee daily.  Frequent hand washing is extremely important during this time, as well as wearing face covering when leaving the room for unavoidable reasons.

When the quarantine period is over, COVID testing need to be completed.

The testing date will be arranged by UIS Health and Safety member with a private transportation to take you there and back. (Please note, this is subject to additional fee.)

You will remain in quarantine until you receive a negative test result.

In case of a positive result back, the student or the family member must contact UIS Health and Safety Committee member immediately, and must quarantine for another 14 days.


Students who has safely completed their 14-day quarantine can join in-person class. UIS will continue to communicate regarding COVID-19 updates and possible prevention guidelines to all school members and students via email, school website, Powerschool, and school SNS pages. Any new updates on COVID will be posted around school.

At School

COVID-19 Assessment Point

At the school gate, a check-in centre is set up to check the temperature and questionnaire for everyone who enters school.

This log will be kept safe for possible contact tracing in the future.

Physical Distancing

Everyone should keep 2m physical distancing at all times.

Desks are spread apart for social distancing in classroom.

No equipment may be shared.  Students should bring their own utensils and equipment like calculators and rulers for their lessons.

Face Covering

Face covering must be worn at all times while at school.

Teachers are required to wear their face masks while teaching and students should keep theirs on despite sitting in their seats.

Frequent Hand washing and hand sanitizers

It is highly recommended to wash hand with soap and water as much as possible.  When the situation doesn’t permit, please use sanitizers located in every classroom and in common area.

Food/ Lunch

Students are to eat their lunch in their classrooms in their seats.  No food is to be shared to avoid transmission.

All clubs Activities and school trips

Due to COVID-19, we are cancelling all club and community activities that involves physical gathering.

Feeling Ill

When feeling ill, please stay home and contact UIS Health and Safety Committee.When you show one symptom, you are required to stay home for 24 hours and monitor your condition before returning to school.

If it is a pre-existing condition that persists, we must receive a note from a physician regarding the matter. If you develop another symptom while staying home, it is recommended you do COVID-19 test.  Contact UIS Health and Safety Committee to arrange the vehicle and testing.  In case of a positive result back, the student and the family member(s) must contact UIS Health and Safety Committee immediately, and must quarantine for 14 days before allowed back.

When you have two or more symptoms, it is recommended you get COVID testing done.  Contact UIS Health and Safety Committee to arrange for the vehicle and testing.

In case of a positive result back, the student and the family member(s) must contact UIS Health and Safety Committee immediately, and must quarantine for 14 days before allowed back.

UIS will communicate any positive case to Toronto Public Health for further instructions and communicate this matter to UIS community via UIS social media, UIS website and PowerSchool